Sunday, September 18, 2011

Persib Will Become Indonesia National Team Miniature

JAC Sport, Bandung - If successful get Zulkifli Syukur and M Robby, this season Persib Bandung will be a Indonesia national team miniature. Currently, Maung Bandung has Eka Ramdani, Hariono, M Ilham, M Nasuha and Toni Sucipto.

That's not coupled with the presence of Markus Harris Maulana, who is now offered a contract extension. Unfortunately Christian Gonzalez finally move to Persisam Samarinda. Garuda scent will be more felt in Persib squad which also recently raised a new coach from Croatia, Drago Mamic.

"We're still waiting for the certainty of M Robby and Zulkifli. If willing, we will certainly feel happy to be back reinforced some of the best local players, "said Persib manager Umuh Muchtar.

Looking at the composition of the material which is owned Maung Bandung players this season. Football observers in Bandung and the ex Persib player, Adjat Sudrajat it is proper to assess Maung Bandung this season to win the title which had never felt for 16 years, since the last time Indonesia emerge as champions league 1994/1995 season I.

"When viewed from the list of players which were recruited which had done of course Persib can appear solid and deserves to be on track champion. But the question whether the benefits of these individual materials can be maximized. Here the role and capabilities of trainers will be tested, "said Adjat.

Even so personally Adjat assess, the board of Persib apparently still has not been wholeheartedly impressed implement which long-term program that is coaching young players.

According Adjat during this, the players which previously promoted from Junior Persib squad, less get a chance to play which lot. Therefore, Adjat few regretted the release Dias Anga which chose to ripen themselves in Persisam Samarinda.

In fact, according to Adjat, Dias who had become Indonesia U-23 national team when appearing in the Pre-Olympics 2012, is the young players with potential. Unfortunately Dias talent who plays as left back, last season is less optimized.

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