Sunday, September 4, 2011

Iran 3-0 Indonesia

Indonesia started the match in third round qualifying Group E Pre-2014 World Cup (PPD) Asian zone with poor results. Merah Putih team fell 0-3 from Iran in Azadi International Stadium, Friday, September 2, 2011 (Saturday morning WIB). Iran's goal was created Nekounam in 52 minutes and 74 and Teimourian on 87 minutes. Two goals Nekounam happen because header. Both goals came after Iran awarded a free kick outside of the penalty box. Cross can be used Nekounam mature into goals to a Indonesia goal. Since the first half, the Merah Putih team was performing under pressure. The striker Bambang Pamungkas-Cristian Gonzalez is difficult to develop the game and more often helps the defense. However, the effort is bearing Indonesia for being able to draw against Iran 0-0 d of the first half. Sign the second half, the game does not run differently. Iran as the hosts continued to dominate and Indonesia remained under pressure. Dominance reached its peak on 52 minutes when a Nekounam goal happen. After the goal, Iran made several substitutions. However, this does not reduce their pressure and add next goal in the 74th minute. Intermittent four minutes later, Indonesia try to attenuate the score through the action of Gonzales. But before it could touch the penalty box, the Gonzales action was discontinued by Iranian players. 80th minutes, Wim Rijsbergen coach trying to sharpen Indonesia attack by entering Okto Maniani. Considerable effort was too late because the rest of 10 minutes does not make Okto Indonesia could help the attack. In 87th minutes, Iran could even scored the last goal after the use of fault line behind Indonesia. Starting from a puncture of the left side of Indonesia's defense, the ball is then given to Teimourian. Through tendanan hard, the ball ripped the Indonesia goal and close the score 3-0 to Iran. Line Up Iran : Mahdi Rahmati, Khosro Heidari, Jalal Hossein, Hadi Aghili, Javad Nekounam 52', 76', Farhad Majidi, Al Karimi, Reza, Gholam Reza (Mahini 64'), Ghasem Hadadifar [Teimourian 71' (87')], Mehrdad Pooladi Indonesia : Markus , Benny, Hamka, Roby, Zulkifli, Ilham (Bacdhim 61'), Hariono, Firman (Okto 80'), Ridwan, Gonzales, Bambang Pamungkas

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