Monday, October 10, 2011

Indonesia vs Qatar Ticket Lonely The Buyers

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Indonesia senior national team will undergo a crucial game at Bung Karno Stadium, Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Bambang Pamungkas and friends will host the continued match in the 2014 World Cup Pre against Qatar.

When Indonesia won the victory, then Indonesia is still open opportunities for escape. But if Indonesia subdued, then the chances of Indonesia to qualify for next round is getting thinner, if not exactly lost. The reason, Indonesia has been lost twice in two previous games against Iran and Bahrain.

Although the game will be a crucial game for Indonesia, but not directly proportional to the interest of fans to witness this match. This is evident from the lack of enthusiasm of fans into buying tickets on sale in the Loket area Bung Karno Stadium.

From the observation, Monday, October 10, 2011, ticket looks deserted without queues as shown in the counter sales at GBK Door V Stadium. In the special ticket sales counters this third category, since the morning, does not seem queue prospective ticket buyers.

One security officer Stadium, Wisnu, reveals, this condition occurs since yesterday when the first day of ticket sales opened. "From yesterday's quiet, unlike the previous games, especially when the game face of Turkmenistan," said Wisnu.

PSSI own since yesterday has provided a total of 65 thousand tickets for this match. Ticket sales are divided into two categories. Booking and purchase direct. For reservations, beginning on Sunday and Monday (9, October 10, 2011) by Raja Karcis and counters are available at the Bung Karno Stadium.

Meanwhile, for a direct ticket sales will be held on game day, ie Tuesday, October 11, 2011 in booth provided at the Bung Karno Stadium.

For reservations and ticket purchases VVIP, VIP and VIP East West is available at the booth door IV in  GBK Stadium. For reservations and purchase tickets at the counter Category I in Doors VII IN GBK Stadium. For reservations and purchase Category 2 tickets are available at the booth door VIII in GBK Stadium. As for reservations and ticket purchase Category 3 can be purchased at the counter Doors III and V in GBK Stadium.

ticket prices

VVIP              Rp. 500.000                  400 shares
West VIP       Rp. 250.000                   4000 sheets
East VIP         Rp. 150.000                  3800 sheets
Category I      Rp. 100.000                 16.000 sheets
Category II    Rp. 75.000                   15.800 sheets
Category III   Rp. 50.000                    25.000 sheets

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