Monday, October 10, 2011

Five players Authorized Foreign So Indonesians

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Five prospective players have officially become naturalized citizen of Indonesia, Monday, October 11, 2011. All five took the oath of allegiance to the Red and White in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Office, Jakarta, Monday, October 11, 2011.

Two players are from Nigeria, namely Greg Nwokolo and Victor Chukwuekezie Igbonefo. Both had long played in Indonesia. Greg's last season playing for the club Persija, while Victor played for Persipura Jayapura.

Meanwhile, three other players came from the Netherlands, namely Jhon van Beukering, Stefano Lilipaly, and Tonnie Cussel. All three of these players from different clubs who competed in the Dutch soccer competition.

Head of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Audy Murfi, pleaded the fifth player naturalization process is quite time consuming. Because the application to become a citizen must go through the process to the President's desk.

"It's the process like this. The time is long because it must comply with the law. All through the process and stages before getting to the President," Audi said after the swearing-in, Monday, October 11, 2011.

Naturalization program has been running since PSSI players still under the leadership of Nurdin Halid. At least two players who pioneered this process. They are Christian 'El Loco' Gonzalez and Kim Jefrrey Kurniawan.

El Loco is still play in senior national team World Cup Pre projections (PPD) in 2014. While the new Kim dropped from the national team U-23 projection SEA Games in 2011.

Despite the management change, naturalization program continues to run. Two players from the Netherlands, Ruben and Diego Michiels Wuarbanaran finally catch up to be Indonesians. Both are also projected to strengthen the U-23 national team. But of these two names, only Diego that until now still survive.

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