Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BOPI Allow ISL, Legal Director of PSSI Confused

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Legal Director of PSSI, Finantha Rudy, pleaded confused with the statement of Professional Sports Agency of Indonesia (BOPI) which will soon give permission for the implementation of competition Indonesia Super League (ISL).

BOPI through the Administrator, Haryo Yuniarto, Tuesday, November 29, 2011, said it was only knocked the hammer to allow the implementation of ISL will begin December 1, 2011 to come.

Both PT Indonesia Prima Liga Sportindo (LPIS), as manager Indonesia Premier League (IPL), and PT Liga Indonesia as the manager of ISL, recognized Haryo already applied for the implementation of professional football competition to BOPI.

Haryo well as clarify the misinformation, which mentions BOPI Chairman Decree No. 015 On 5 November 2011 that seemed to restrict the implementation of professional football competition awarded to PT LPIS.

Responding BOPI steps that will give the organization permission ISL, Legal Director of PSSI, Finantha Rudy confessed confused. Because the judge Finantha BOPI had previously issued a decree that states only recognize the existence of IPL under the management of PT LPIS.

"There is a press release from the BOPI. However, to date we have not received a letter from the BOPI. We also know that the press release stated that the ISL will be ratified by BOPI. BOPI itself has issued a letter to us as of 5 and 7 November. It states professional competition will be managed by PSSI, in particular by the LPIS, "said Finantha.

"If there are statements that are contrary to this letter, I questioned whether the letter had been canceled, or whether BOPI issue a decision again. Because until now we have not received the decision. We strongly deplore the statement of BOPI made ​​Chairman of the Day (Haryo)," lid Finantha.

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