Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fat stewardship, PSSI Want to Move to New Offices

JAC Sport, Jakarta - PSSI chairman, Djohar Arifin Husin intends to seek a new office. Because the PSSI office complex is located in the Bung Karno Stadium, Senayan, not able to accommodate a 'cabinet' which reached 122 people.

This desire is expressed by Djohar PSSI after the inaugural committee at the Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Tuesday, November 8, 2011. According to him, almost half the managers will not get a room in PSSI's office located at the door of the X-XI SUGBK.

"We're trying to condition it. Indeed, we admit that many administrators would need a bigger office. PSSI Secretary in Senayan is not enough. So now we are looking for," said Arifin.

Djohar wants stewardship PSSI to get a strategic place and centralized in one office. However, Djohar claims still do not know where the new location for the stewardship of those who did not get the room.

"We're looking for the most appropriate location. Later that all are under one roof. I personally believe this will not take long."

The number of PSSI administrators in an era Djohar was doubled compared to the previous era. While still led by Nurdin Halid (2007-2011) PSSI personnel numbered only 53 people. This number includes members of the Executive Committee of PSSI. (sources : and

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