Monday, November 7, 2011

Tottenham is Also Interested to Buy Del Piero

JAC Sport, London - Juventus icon, Alessandro Del Piero will not retire despite assert will leave his club at the end of this season. The news was immediately welcomed by Tottenham Hotspur.

Premier League club is also keen to bring in Del Piero. Although it has been 36 years old, an attacker who had offered 15 trophies to Juventus did not want to retire.

According to SkySport, he will continue to play for one or two more seasons. And the Spurs camp will give way to Del Piero to retire in the UK.

The arrival of Del Piero is considered too risky because the Spurs did not get a free transfer. Spurs stay negotiate with Alex about the salary. Spurs rivals to get Alex came from AC Milan and the Swiss club, Sion.

Del Piero has 18 years of costumed Bianconeri. He was brought in from Padova in 1993 and won the Serie A five times and once Champions League trophy in 1996.

Pinturicchio is also included in the Italian team when it was runner-up Euro 2000. Del Piero's crowning achievement for the national team when presented Gli Azzurri World Cup 2006.

Del Piero is known for his loyalty while still defending Juve when relegated to Serie B due to Calciopoli scandal in the 2006-07 season. Many lamented when Juventus did not extend the contract of this icon. (sources : and

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