Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finally Sriwijaya FC and Persija Peace

JAC Sport, Palembang - After the players involved fist fights, Persija and Sriwijaya FC management finally decided to make peace. Players of both teams involved in fist fights at Hotel Swarna Dwipa Palembang after the match that took place Sunday, December 18, 2011.

Responding to incidents that occurred, Persija Chairman, Ferry Paul declares that the case is finished and both sides had agreed to terms and the player does not proceed to a police station or whatever.

"This issue is already clear. Both of Sriwijaya and Persija management considers this issue is over, "said Paul Ferry.

Ferry said the problem is happening only because of a misunderstanding between the player and everything is completed.

"Actually this is only because of a misunderstanding between players. Initial commotion in the field continues inside the hotel. The players insist, and impulses, after that there was an incident, "said Ferry.

The problem begins with check-choke between Sriwijaya FC striker, Hilton Moreira, with Persija defender, Ismed Sofyan around at 22:00 in the lobby of Hotel Swarna Dwipa place to stay during Persija players in Palembang and the Sriwijaya FC foreign players.

Not long ago, Sriwijaya FC defender, Thierry Gathussi come in Ismed faces and hit Ismed eye until injury to his temple. The Persija players who know Ismed was injured, they looking Gathussi directly on the third floor hotel. Gathussi directly beaten some of the Persija players and officials in the hallway hotel room before finally able to escape through the emergency stairs and exit the hotel.

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