Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sriwijaya Report Persija player to a Police

JAC Sport, Palembang - Alleged beatings of two players Sriwijaya FC, Hilton ​​Moreira and Thierry Gathuesi, making management of SFC to report this case to the Police Palembang.

Shortly after the incident at the Hotel Swarna Dwipa, after being treated and in the vise, Hilton and Thierry accompanied SFC's management board, Monday, December 19, 2011 at 00.00 running a report. Both players are asked for information related to the Persija attack of a few players at the Hotel Swarna Dwipa Palembang Sriwijaya after the match against Persija, Sunday, December 18, 2011.

Numbered Reports: LP/B-3286/XII/2011/SUMSEL/RESTA, who received Kanit SPK Shief C Ipda Suharto mentioning, the victim Hilton Moreira and Thierry Gathussi reported Ismed Sofyan, Leo Saputra, Udin and Sudirman etc. They are reportedly subject to article 170 of the beatings.

Also after a request for information from the victim, the police also seized straight from the three fire extinguisher from scene at Hotel Swarna Dwipa.

Hydrant tube is used some Persija players to throw Thierry. However, the throw was missed and the only restaurant on the broken glass on the ground floor of Hotel Swarna Dwipa.

Hilton told that in fact the problem is not going to heat up a big fuss so if players and officials can Persija restraint.

"I do not really want to find the problem because I knew and realized playing football in the other country. The atmosphere of the heat should only happen when playing on the field and should not be taken out," said Hilton.

For it is most likely on Monday to name a few were reported Persija players will soon be summoned by the police for questioning.

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