Sunday, December 11, 2011

Persiram 0-6 Persija

JAC Sport, Lamongan - Persija managed to grab three points after defeat Persiram Raja Ampat 6-0 in the match continued Indonesia Super League (ISL) at the Stadium Surajaya, Lamongan, Sunday, December 11, 2011. With this victory, Macan Kemayoran rose to the throne of the standings with a collection of seven point.

The Persija first goal scored in the 18th minute. Utilizing chaos in front of goal, Robertino Pugliara successfully struck the ball into the Laskar Bahari goal. In the 24th minute Bambang Pamungkas again added advantage after take advantage of Rahmat Affandi crossing.

One minute later, Persiram defender so easy to attacked by Persija Striker. Utilizing feedback one-two with Robertino Pugliara, midfielder Macan Kemayoran, Johan Juansyah successfully added advantage over his right foot shot.

In the second half, the Persija attacks became increasingly. Through the game quickly, Macan Kemayoran kept pounding the opponent's defense. The result, in the 56th minute Persija capable of adding to their fourth goal. Crossing by Johan Juansyah well resolved by Ramdani Lestaluhu with a header.

Goal feast for the visitors did not stop there. In the 61st minute, Ismed Sofyan added advantage to his team through a free kick. This Persija player were sent accurate shot into the far post who are unable to reach by Persiram goalkeeper, Herman Batak.

Goal feast was closed by the Rahmat Affandi attacker that sent the sharpshooter kick, 8 minutes before the match ended.

Line Up :
Persiram Raja Ampat : Herman, G. Paroy, Al Qadry, Kubay, Frans Sauyai, Benson, Tomoyuki, Ruatakurey, Nasution, Marthen Tao, J. Boumsong

Persija Jakarta : Andritany, Leo. S, Fabiano, Precious, Ismed Sofyan 61', Robertino 18', Kipuw, J. Juansyah  25', Bambang. P 24', Ramdani, Rahmat Affandi 92'

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