Sunday, December 11, 2011

Madrid Want Van Persie

JAC Sport, Madrid - Although it has a deadly striker like Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain, but it seems to give depth to the Real Madrid have not been satisfied with the squad on the striker. The proof, now Los Blancos -Madrid nicknamed-, reportedly returned have new target, Robin van Persie.

Madrid did not hurry to bring van Persie to the Santiago Bernabeu. Reported the Daily Mirror, Sunday, December 11, 2011, Jose Mourinho's team hopes Dutch striker joined at the beginning of next season.

In this case Madrid did not want van Persie haphazardly. They first trace the chance to get the player's signature 28-year.

Van Persie known is still not signed a new agreement to offer the Gunners -Arsenal's nickname-. The former is actually a new contract to be completed in June 2013, but because the player concerned will bind an agreement with another club finished ahead of his contract with Arsenal, Arsenal then immediately submit a new offer to van Persie.

With van Persie decision that still hangs talking, the Madrid saw it as a golden opportunity. If until the end of the season he has not also bind the new agreement, it will make Arsenal think to auction off or disconnect van Persie is FREE of charge on the next season.

Madrid apparently not alone in pursuit of van Persie. Manchester City are also interested in overtly claim to bring van Persie to the Etihad Stadium. They are even willing to pay 250 thousand pounds per week to van Persie if he wants to join.

But, chances ManCity itself arguably a little thinner than Madrid. The reason, van Persie had said he would not join another club in the Premier League if had a chance leave.

Big name who owned Madrid is also no denying van Persie will attract interest. Moreover, recently reported she had threatened to move if Arsenal can not end fasting trophy.

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