Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tevez Already Agreed To Joined Milan

JAC Sport, Milan - AC Milan vice president, Adriano Galliani said the Manchester City striker, Carlos Tevez has agreed to join Milan. Milan had sent a proposal to the City and now just waiting for approval from the club based at Etihad Stadium.

"Between yesterday and now I've built the foundation to strengthen the squad. I have been in the office with Tevez agent and the situation is clear. Milan has an agreement with the players and now we send the proposal to Manchester City: free loan and buy the rights to certain conditions, "said Galliani told Milan Channel.

"Is the City will receive it? He's not playing, he's a great player, and if he plays well with us then we will buy it. This player can provide a mountain of money. He is a big bonus for the City to the Premier League and Champions League, "added Galliani.

Milan is a peek behind the decline in Tevez prices opportunities. Especially after Tevez in conflict with the City after the match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, 3 months ago. Speculation, Milan will only pay € 3 million to get Tevez on loan until the end of this season.

"I spoke to Carlitos and he wants to join us. Half of the agreement has been reached, now we are waiting for a City answer, "Galliani beber.

"If Tevez comes, he's a new champion for Italian football to be enjoyed. We are close, the player is fantastic for economic development and he has the desire to join Milan, "Galliani added.

"I hope the City said 'yes', because we beat several competitors from Italy and Europe. We are in the forefront, "he concluded.

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