Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GBK Replace The Grass

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Conditions of grass at Bung Karno Stadium (SUGBK) Senayan is already severely damaged by the used continuously in recent months, forcing managers to quickly perform complex GBK total replacement. Direktur of Development and Business Development (Dir PPU) PPK GBK, Mahfudin Nigara said it closed the GBK until early 2012.

Nigara said the process of replacing grass SUGBK done since Tuesday (6 / 12) yesterday. The plan, the total GBK will replace stadium turf valued grass damage the already very severe. Having removed the old grass, planting new grass stadium is scheduled to be completed on 19 December.

Unlike the previous grass replacement, for the replacement of grass this time will be made ​​per 33m2. In the previous renovation, remodeling, each excavation is usually done per 70m2. After the new grass installed, the stadium will be waiting for the grass grow up to three weeks. SUGBK only be used again starting next January 10, 2012.

"Given the existing conditions, we assessed this renovation can no longer delay. We decided to renovate the total. So until January SUGBK practically closed to all activities and all the matches, "said M. Nigara when confirmed, Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

SUGBK closure is certainly not a main impact on the game Persija in GBK. For Persija ISL, Bambang Pamungkas and his friends are better off because it gets scheduled at December 11 facing away Persiram Raja Ampat in Lamongan.

But for Persija IPL, with the renovation that they have to turn the brain to find their home stadium for the match. Because on Dec. 11, Jaya Hartono team are scheduled to entertain Persema Malang.

"We have recently re-opened on January 10 next SUGBK. Actually, the process is planned to replace the grass is over December 19. But we are giving time to the growth of grass for three weeks," said Nigara.

Actually, the total renovation plan has been scheduled before the implementation of the SEA Games in 2011 ago. But it failed completed the replacement of grass PSSI trigger-handed because the new schedule Pre World Cup matches (PPD) that continued with the agenda of the SEA Games.

"At that time, we only had to renovate some of the grass field only. But the effort was not optimal. Moreover, coupled with the tight schedule, begin the preparation to the implementation of the PPD and SEA Games. As a result, the field became more and more not worth taking, there was a puddle, and so on. With the renovation, I guess there is no longer slanted stories about the stadium, "said Nigara.

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