Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tomorrow, Persija Degree Training

JAC Sport, Jakarta - The players Persija can not rest too long. The day after Christmas, Monday, January 26, 2011, Bambang Pamungkas and his friends had again held a training.

Persija coach, Iwan Setiawan, decided not to give Persija player the Christmas holiday is too long. The Macan Kemayoran team have had to practice ahead of the face Mitra Kukar on advanced Indonesia Super League (ISL), January 3, 2012.

"On 23-24 yesterday also exercise, today is a holiday. Tomorrow the kids are gathering again. But, there are two players who missed training, Hashim Kipuw and Andritany. They can be holiday more because of the SEA Games since yesterday can not be a holiday," Iwan said.

Goalkeeper and defender Persija, Andritany Adhyaksa and Hashim Kipuw certainly can not defend it against Mitra Kukar Persija because of accumulated cards. Persija will also be without central defender, Fabiano Beltrame. Andritany and Fabiano got a red card when Persija defeated Sriwijaya FC 1-2, while Kipuw exposed to accumulated yellow cards.

"We played without three pillars. But, I guess that's no reason not to get the full points. Indeed, we were a little lost, but I think the other player's performance has also been uneven, as we had hoped. There is no reason to fail," said Iwan.

Iwan conscious, although the status of the promotion team, Mitra Kukar has a great team with players inhabited the Indonesian national team. However, Iwan remains confident his team with a chance for defeating Mitra Kukar.

"Technically we do not have a problem. I know the face of the club who have star players such as Mitra Kukar, we will do not easy match. But, if we play with heart, God willing, everything will be the maximum," said Iwan.

Against Mitra Kukar, Persija certainly could not play at Bung Karno Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan. This is due to the SUGBK manager is still doing grass renovations.

"Until now we are still waiting for the certainty of club management. There is no certainty where we will play this match that this match is home match. We hope to play in Jakarta. Because it's a little too much influence on the appearance of our team," lid Iwan.

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