Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Until now, September 30, 2014, China still in 1st rank with 112 gold, 66 silver, and 53 bronze medal15

The host, South Korea is on the second with 47 gold, 51 silver, and 54 bronze medals, followed by Japan with 36 gold, 46 silver, and 51 bronze medals.

Thailand which is only Southeast Asia contestant who managed to the top 10 with 6 gold, 3 silver, and 14 bronze.

The other Southeast Asia country is Malaysia at 15th with 3 gold, 11 silver, and 10 bronze. Indonesia who managed collecting another gold through badminton men's double by Hendra Setiawan and Muhammad Ahsan and through long jump by 23 years old athletes, Maria Natalia Londa, in 15th with 2 gold, 5 silver, and 8 bronze medals.

The acquisition of the 2014 Asian Games Medal till 4.14am

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