Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Real Madrid 5-1 Elche

Real Madrid is rises up. That a right words for this moment. After beating Basel, Madrid defeat Elchesurprising, they had no play with Benzema or Chicharito from began
for 4 goal winning in fifth weeks La Liga on Wednesday early morning. And RM star, Cristiano Ronaldo made a quattrick. More

Elche lead first after Edu Albacar managed scoring a goal through penalty in 15th minute. He shot to the left corner of Real Madrid's goal. However, Gareth Bale's header made in equal in 20th minute, right after Albacar goal. Thanks to James Rodriguez's cross.

Ronaldo first goal made Madrid lead in 26th minute. Just like Albacar before, he managed finished his duty to take a penalty. Madrid got the penalty after Marcelo was dropped in the box
 Ronaldo scored the second goal he made in the 32nd minute. Ronaldo's header was born from the Marcelo's cross from the left side.

Ronaldo again scored through a penalty kick. Madrid closed out the match with the score 5-1 after Ronaldo scored his fourth goal in the 90th minute This victory brought Madrid get nine points.

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas, Carvajal (Arbeloa 65'), Varane, Ramos (Nacho 82'), Marcelo, Illarra, Kroos, Isco, James (Chicharito 78'), Bale. Cristiano.

El Che: Manu Herrera, Cisma, Lombán, Edu Albácar, Sergio Pelegrín, Adrián (Pasalic 67'), Pedro Mosquera, Garry Rodrigues (Herrera 78'), Coro (Fajr 61'), Jonathas, Víctor Rodríguez

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